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Problems you might notice:


is your Online System crashing or disconnecting in the middle of your office or Home application? This could be caused by a hardware conflict, or perhaps the software has become corrupted? Our technicians have the knowledge to quickly identify the cause of the problem and get you back up-and- running.


Problems we can help with: 


  • New Broadband and Internet Routers or Modems installation.  

  • Wired or wireless network adapters problems.

  • WEP, WPA, or WPA2 security key or passphrase issues .

  • Cables that aren't connected properly.

  • Interrupted internet connection.

  • Connected to Router but there is no internet connection.

  • Network connections setup and Firewall installation.

  • Network interfaces or Software problems.

  • Offices Networks and Servers infrastructure.

  • Computers can't see or connect to each other on the network.

  • Computers can't get on the Internet on same network.

  • Install and configure devices to join the Wireless or Local Area Network (WLAN-LAN).

  • Troubleshoot and repair  slow networks.

  • Firewall blocked some applications or websites.

  • Poor wireless connection and wireless range extending.


   Compu S.O.S Test, diagnose the problem (Free Of Charge) and recommend a solution and we will offer our advice on  

   possible solutions and the options to increase The efficiency and The performance of your Network.

Wireless problems

network problems

network security

All Broadband types, Fibere Optic, Satelitte Broadband  installations

Internet problems


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